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Change: surviving
a recession and planning
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ADP’s Virtual Business Forum

22nd April 2021

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Jenny Campbell

Former Dragons' Den Investor


Agility has become a hallmark of good management and organisational success in our new reality. Today’s operating environment is high-change. Unexpected geopolitical and social events, disruptive technologies and the speed of competition make it difficult to keep up. Are you ready for what’s next?

Don’t miss your chance to learn from industry experts and connect with your peers at ADP’s Virtual Business forum.

Organisational Change: Surviving a recession and planning for the future.

What to expect

  • Thought provoking insights and advice from former Dragon, Jenny Campbell
  • An overview of the latest HR & Finance trends and research
  • Intimate and unparalleled networking opportunity with like-minded executives
  • Learn more about the latest human capital management (HCM) technologies
  • Discover how harnessing your people data can support business planning and personnel strategy
  • Optimise costs to realize long-term value
  • Speak to ADP directly

Keynote Speaker

Recognised as the Businesswomen of the Year by Vitalis, Jenny Campbell has a background of transforming businesses, adapting to change and managing recession challenges. Drawing on her experiences of turning around failing businesses, Jenny will be talking about how organisations must lay the right foundations in order to drive business and prepare for the years ahead.

Jenny will be sharing her story and answering questions on how to drive business success in the face of a looming recession:

  • What should decision-makers be thinking about next?
  • How to manage unexpected setbacks and challenges whilst adapting to the world of work
  • The importance of finding the right talent on your journey to success

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  • 10:00
    Explore HR & finance trends
    Feel free to explore our event platform – you have the chance pre speaking session to network with your peers or speak directly to ADP around your business requirements.
  • 11:00
    Jenny Campbell – Organisational Change: Surviving a recession and planning for the future
    ADP host, Tracy Stanton, DVP UK Sales to welcome delegates and our keynote speaker, Jenny Campbell, former Dragon and Business Entrepreneur to speak.
  • 11:40
    Jenny answers your questions
    This is your opportunity to ask Jenny (and Tracy) and questions you may have.
    Remember you can submit questions ahead of the event here.
  • 12:00
    Network with peers
    Our platform remains open for delegates to explore further – you still have the opportunity to network with your peers or speak with an ADP subject matter expert around your business requirements for the duration of the day.
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